Dedicated affiliate marketing solution
Quints is a robust affiliate marketing solution that is capable to adapt to the needs of every client. Modular infrastructure and a dedicated team of professionals will help you build the best possible affiliate program for your product.
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Customer centred approach
Client oriented development is the core of Quints. Hence all of our features combine a user friendly interface with a deep customisation capabilities, be it selective user profile report with a press of a few buttons or a complex commission structure with a clear rule description. Every new feature in Quints is dictated exclusively by the needs of our clients.
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Key features
Full marketing control
Macro and micro manage you marketing campaigns in one place. Make data driven decisions based on granular performance data using multiple tools on the end of your fingertips.
Flexible settings
Customise your own workflow using highly flexible and easily understandable platform settings. Use both built in and third party tools to make the most of your time and focus on most important tasks.
Customisation and security
Robust access control tools and scalable infrastructure will provide a high level of operational stability and security. Always be in charge using real time user control and logging.
Awards and achievements
Best Marketing Start Up
RGWeek Moscow 2018
Gaming innovation Start Up Winner
iGA Macau 2018
Top 10 Start Up
SIGMA Malta 2018
Enhanced reporting and analytics starting from a handy dashboard with stats breakdown as well as a highly customizable reporting tool and nifty presets will enable you to take full control of your operations, examine your business from different angles (player analysis, campaign tagging or creative material performance) and achieve previously unavailable optimization levels.

In addition Quints offers a media buying toolset, which includes all up-to-date tools that are crucial to accessing almost any traffic source on the web. Namely postback builder to fit the needs of any CPA network, API based statistics for ad networks and further tools to analyze marketing performance by channel, tag or creative. All in all Quints offers an out of the box solution to make the best of the vast marketing channels available on the market.

Quinst is a robust affiliate marketing solution with complete control over accounting, a highly flexible commission plan builder (varied from revenue share, CPA and hybrid with further tiered deal settings) and easy to use localization tool will allow tweaking your affiliate offering to virtually every market within several hours making your affiliate program highly adaptable to market demands.
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Just send us a request for a demo and be sure that Q will help you to increase the profitability of your business. We will explain in details every module's purpose and show you how to use the service to draw the greatest possible benefit.
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